Do you seek buildings in Paris? Do you want to be accompanied by an experienced team? Do you want to integrate a community of innovating entrepreneurs? Do you search a financing? Join Paris&Co Incubators





In order to bring to you a solution in phase with your needs, we adapt our offer according to the maturity and of the branch of industry of your project.


A custom-tailored accompaniment in phase with the maturity of your company.

  • The incubation of starting is intended for the companies innovating in phase of validation of their economic model and their gone positioning.
  • Incubation takeoff (corresponding to the old name of seedbed) is addressed to the innovating companies which, after a first phase of validation of the interest of the market, wish to industrialize the whole of the components of the company to bring it to maturity.

The contents and the tariffing of the accompaniment differ according to maturity from your project.


Do entrepreneur, you seek an environment made safe to develop you? By integrating Paris&Co, you benefit from a global offer which understands accommodation, accompaniment and financing.

General accommodation and services

The openone at the privative offices, surface evolves to the rhythm of the growth of your company. Ensured of a secure access 24:00/24 and 7j/7, you will appreciate the provision of meeting rooms equipped, space relaxation, kiosk of press, photocopiers, fax…
Our more: all our sites are fibres and ensure very you an internet connection high-speed.

Accompaniment and connection to the ecosystem

>Individual accompaniment

A dedicated project manager built your accompaniment around go of follow-up based on a rigorous and structured methodology. We help you to develop your project while putting to you in relation to speakers specific and necessary to the growth of your company, resulting from our network: experts, large accounts, financial institutions, people receiving benefits, etc

>Collective accompaniment

We stimulate our incubators thanks to more than 150 annual animations. Thus, we propose to you to reach meetings of coaching strategic with the other leaders animated by high level speakers, to inform you via an access to the cycle of annual conferences and to evolve with formations and workshops programmed according to your needs.

>Connection to the ecosystem

Welcome City Lab, within Paris Lab Area is recipient and actor of the networks of the innovation. Our team identifies, qualifies and connects you to the relevant contacts (investors, public agencies of financing, large accounts). The label Paris Lab Area and the level standard of our select committees give credibility to you near the ecosystem. Result: a time-saver and an accelerator of growth for your company.



  • In starting & in takeoff
    • Turn Gamma A
    • 193-197, rue de Bercy – 75012 Paris

>How much?

  • In starting : 1500 euros per month, including all the offer described above.
  • In takeoff :
    • Accompaniment: 5000 €/year
    • Accommodation: 237€ m2/an loads understood

Financing of your Incubation: The Fund Paris Innovation Starting put by the Town hall of Paris and BpiFrance makes it possible to finance the companies incubated until 30k€ in the form of subsidy in starting.

More information: PIA


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