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  1. PopUp Immo is the first start-up Web specialized in the hiring of transitory spaces.

  2. TOUCHTIME says:

    Touchtime proposes a complete range of supports of shelves iPad, Samsung, Asus, Sony….made safe for the tourist Tourist offices and places.

  3. After New York, Las Vegas and Hawaii, c.est around Paris to have its turn in the helicopter. A tourist activity with success in the world.

  4. Adrian Leeds says:

    I' D like to see has WCL start-up designed to find solutions to the housing shortage and shorts-term rental problems in the city of Paris.

  5. CoWorking says:

    The coworking is a fantastic ecosystem of work for the independent ones and the companies.

  6. Leroux says:

    The wandering team of Expression, with more than 200 courses equipped with guides multimedia for shelves and smartphones, has produced for more than 15 years your personalized digital guides. Games of track, course nature, visits of museum, treasure hunts, discovered great patrimonial sites: each guide is single. On foot, in the car, in the bicycle, boat or racket, each destination proposes its own guide, fact made-to-order by our team of experts.

  7. Cleec says: is a social network which enables you to facilitate your practice of sports and leisures (search for partners, places where to practise, practical information, etc)

  8. imbert says:

    To trott itself is a young company which proposes to you to have via your smartphone of thousands stroll to discover France, its wealths and all the useful services associated. We appreciate all contacts with actors concerned with this activity. Alix Imbert

  9. EverPhotoShoot, it is your personal photographer for all you needs for image. We democratize the shooting pro to create you the most beautiful memories.

  10. PEEBLE says:

    Mobile connectivity for digital tourism!

  11. ticatag says:

    Pass to see us or write us, we will be charmed to present our connected solutions of geolocation to you:
    Bluetooth-iBeacon BEACONS, beacons of Utmost precision, using technology radio broad band UWB or network SIGFOX™.

    For the individual:
    – a mini beacon iBeacon, Ti' Be, Key-ring and Téou Glasses of ATOLL, connected to the mobile, to be easily found.
    – Tracker GPS, of great autonomy, without SIM card, seals it is conceived for outside in order to follow business of value, pets or people.

    For the professionals: beacons iBeacon or UWB, in public spaces, cultural or commercial, starting in the smartphones good information, at the good moment, the good person.

    For more information,
    contact us:

    or visit our sites:

  12. Nabil says:

    Opinion with the people working in the tourist industry: if you wish to develop your knowledge of the ground and the tourist attractions of your area, you can freely contribute to the contents of, guide of participative travel.

    You will be thus made know near people preparing a stay in your area 😉

    Thank you

  13. Marcel says:

    1001boutic it is MarketPlace which connects the trade of proximity with their geolocated offers, and the consuming tourists)
    How to make from one city to another to know the offers around us?
    How to identify the marketing activity around us if one is not city?

    1001boutic thanks to its technology of geolocation and the innovating promotional services of marketing, allows within reach has each and everyone to have the greatest E-commercial Center 24/24 and 7/7

    Launching at the end of November

    Thank you

  14. Second Guide says:

    Second Guide is the first tourist and cultural portal making it possible to find anywhere, a site to be visited and to profit from various services, for example of the guides interactive and ludic multimedia.

  15. Thanks for allowing us to refer our activity here and to gain a little visibility. It is really brilliant.
    I am driver VTC on Cergy and Pontoise. And of the occasions like that, one finds of it that seldom. especially that I am null in referencing 🙂

    Nassim B.

  16. Pop Maya Events Labs – the cultural Window of Montreal, in Mexico, is in search of an Associated director who is impassioned social economy, cultural and tourist which wishes to work within the cultural Triangle Montreal – Paris – Playa del Carmen. An actor of the sustainable development of the creative cities which can show leadership, of initiative and a deep desire to contribute to the international radiation of the Pop label Maya Events Labs.

    Michel J. Bédard
    Responsible for projects & Partnerships
    CCQM & SME Labs

  17. Our company WORLD HOSPITALITY is a specialized agency in the management of tourisms of business.
    equipped with a team senior and conscious of the constraints related to professional displacements, a management personalized for effective and powerful travel guarantees to you, while remaining close to our customers.
    To be able to manage your business trips, we recommend a complete service integrating an operation of consulting (political of travel, analyzes your needs, etc), an optimization of the tariff scale (our company you proposes the most competitive rates to you on the market), of the services meeting all your needs (hotel trade, insurances, ticket offices, visa, etc), an accessible assistance 24:00/24h (reservation of rooms, information, car rental, etc) and personalized services.

  18. Really nice this site, an opportunity to refer our services which we need to gain of credibility.
    The communication is a difficult science 😉

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