Book Trends #1 Welcome City Lab

Approach of collaborative day before, the Book Trends 2016 of Welcome City Lab treats trends of the tourist innovation.

Six strategic points are approached, of the practice of the futurology to the analysis of the trends by the creation of companies, via confidence, transport, dated it or the activities.

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WCL-GNR-blue-V2And also…

News of the innovation in tourism: follow us on

Treatment of information media on the subject of the innovation in urban tourism: trends, innovations, partnerships, technology innovations and social, startups…

Day before Welcome: objectives

To understand the often divergent interests of the ones and others in order to as well as possible integrate them in their economic models.

To allow our entrepreneurs to position on the segments most carrying the sector, while meeting a need defined by the market, personalized by an ecosystem joined together in the same place.

To accompany our partners in their perception by the market


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