Call for candidate Start-UPS 2017

Apply at the season 2017 of the programme of incubation of Welcome City Lab



This call for projects is open until on Thursday, January 19, 2017 to midnight

The call for candidate is addressed to innovating, French or foreign the companies, of less than 3 years, finalizing or having finalized the development of a first offer whose adequacy at the market is validated either by a prior study, or by beta tester, or by first customers.

The projects will have exclusively to cover the following fields:

1) Management improved of the relation with the traveller

2) Enrichment of the experiment of visit on sites (sites of leisures or business, events, accommodation, transport, travel agency)

3) Comprehensive approach of the course of the traveller

4) Improvement of the impact sociétal

Apply for the incubation program 2017

Innovative It is aimed At companies, from France gold abroad, that were created in the last 3 years. Candidates must Be in the process of finalising gold cuts finalised the development of has first offer with proven market been worth-either through has prior study, beta testing gold through the first customers.

Projects must Be exclusively in the following fields:

1) Improving the management of the relationship with travellers

2) Enriching the experiment of visiting sites (leisure gold business sites, events, accommodation, transport, travel agents)

3) Year overall approach to the traveller' S path

4) Improving the social impact


More details French and English: Set of Themes-YEAR-FR-WCL-2017.PDf (928 downloads)

French Close Release: CP-aap-2017.pdf (667 downloads)

English Close Release:  CP-aap-2017_EN.pdf (28655 downloads)