Directory of the startups of tourism



CompanySphere of activityWebsite
10 Things To See - KAPT10 Things To See is a Community tourist application which makes it possible to prepare your stays by finding places impossible to circumvent to visit where which you are.
2kids1bagHiring of equipment for the family
360degresudvirtual visit
4 wheels under 1 umbrellaFounder D ’ a innovating concept launched to Paris in 2003, 4 wheels under 1 umbrella proposes to the individuals and with the companies a pallet of original services around the 2CV and L ’ French lifestyle.
44 screensCreation of portable applications actually increased 3D specialized in the valorization of the heritage
On the right of the MoonProduction of tools and contents innovating in link with the heritage and the culture
In Paris on footVisits deprived on foot (French/English) or in the bus of the mythical districts of PARIS
A.E.S. NavyHiring boats
ABvtcAbvtc ensures your displacements in full safety, a true alternative to the taxis.
Noorea agencyPlatform dedicated to the reservation online of houses of vacancies, private villas and top-of-the-range country cottages
Agency WATOOrganization of radiant atypical events
Have Paris Shoppingguide digital shopping for the Chinese tourists
Air-Indemnité.comAir Allowance is pionnier and leader on the trade of L ’ compensation for the air passengers.
ALPA-K TRAVELtravel agency
alterHomeTemporary furnished hiring
AppHotelAppHotel is a mobility solution for hotels or de luxe hotels making it possible to be present on the mobile of their customers.
Appsmapperapplications for the telephones in the field of tourism
appyourselfA succession of tools online bound for the TPE/PME, to develop and fidéliser its customers on Internet
ArchitripVisit of discovered contemporary city, its architectures and its innovations.
SLATE OF THE DAYRestoration: Geolocated directory of the plat du jour
ArkelliaDurable tourist development and valorization of the heritage - Europe and innovation
ArveyRésarvation of private
AsKnRelaxAsKnRelax is a portable application soon available on iOS and Android which online reinvents the reservation in the field of Tourism.
ATCAccommodation eco-person in charge
ATTENTIVE TO CUSTOMERThe Council and formation on the excellence of service
With the wire of ArtsYou seek a visit of Paris, of a museum, an exposure. Then made your program using With the wire of Arts
Avenue des VoyagesCustomized trip
AvygeoGuide of participative travel on Internet
AxiterComprehensive solutions of accessories of travel
azamivoyageagency Morocco
Azurever SASTourist activities online
Baba SportPlatform of reservation of sports of adventure and entertaining activities
Babel VoyagesAssociation the purpose of which is to encourage to travel more responsible with a young offer and dynamic truffle of good deals, photographs, news, of a beautiful space shopping and of a community with which to exchange.
Babylon HarmonizesFind Leisures adapted to your Life of Parents!
Stroll RiverRiver tourism
BASTINAOperator of travel So far, So near
Be BikePortable application of bike rental between individuals
Beautiful ChampagnePrivate Champagne Tours
BEHANDITravel agency and Turn operator for the handicapped people
Best Wrinkles TowersExcursions through Morocco
Bible of the VTCConsultancy in strategy in tourist transport
Welcome TelecomHiring of Wifi hotspots of pocket for international visitors
BIOTIFUL BUFFETCatering of events
Bird OfficeHiring of room for the workers in displacements
BIZMEETINGPower station of reservation online of seminars & professional meetings
BlogtripBlog de Voyages
BnbsitterInnovation of the services of reception
Boa LinguaSpecialist in the stay abroad with L ’ foreign since 25 years
BoaterflyHiring of boat between individuals
Book2meetHiring meeting room and of conference
BookwithaproPlatform of activities of people working in the tourist industry
BRING FRANCE HOMEAuthentic Made in France memories
BubbleGlobeCommunity platform which makes it possible to book experiments of travel near guides local amateurs.
Huts of FranceUnusual and natural tourism
CABINITY.COMCABINITY.COM is a site of information and a platform of reservation on unusual accommodation
CamerTourreservation of hotels
Capital J MediaRange Development
CaribooComparison between travellers and inhabitants of a city for a custom-tailored and authentic visit makes it possible to the players to locate and to get information about all the casinos of the world and to profit from the best offers. In parallel the site is a platform of communication dedicated to the physical casinos.
CatopsysPlatform of audio-visual projection to 360° in any environment
CheckMyBusThe comparator D ‘ international coach
CibaswebTourism travels
CiggoChoose your neighbor of train
CitizengateDigital solutions secure multiservices
CitybyCitizenCitybyCitizen connects the travellers with buildings sharing of the local experiments.
CITYZENTOURPlatform Web dedicated to the leisure activities between individuals
Clic&bedCLIC&BED connects hosts (Rhône-Alpes, PACA and Brittany) and tenants thanks to his collaborative platform and its dedicated local teams.
ClippCityStory Telling Geolocated on Paris and elsewhere
coChangeChange currencies (localization of bureau de change, participative comparator, converter)
ColunchingThe 1st social network of friendly and professional meetings around the meal
ComparaBUSPrice gauge of tickets of coach, train and car-pooling.
ConnecthingsConnecthings is N°1 in Europe in the management systems of interactive beacons in the city which interact with Smartphones (NFC, Bluetooth Low Energy, WIFI, GPS, QR codes, physical Web …).
CONZTANZEditor of a platform of integration and innovating applications specialized in the sector of the airline companies and the airports
Cool EscapadesPlanning of cultural and eco-tourisques escapades in grupes reduced (10)
Creative TrottersEvent-driven agency, influenceurs, contained media.
CROP THE BLOCKCollaborative agency of creation of videos
CycloGoTravel agency with bicycle
Moove datedManagement of tourist flows of information. Our solution lies in recovery and L ’ identification of the data, the classification and the diffusion of these flows on a set of media.
DayPassDayPass makes it possible to the tourists to hold a swimming pool D hotel, a gym or a spa, has the
MazeCulture, technologies, social innovation
DIGIT MY BIZThe startup which accompanies the companies in the digital transition from the customer relation
DIMATourism - Hotel trade
DrivoonSolution of shared mobility adapted to the connections airports
DrivyCar rental between individuals
Easy TourismThe Councils & formations for tourist accommodation
EasyLoisirs• EasyLoisirs is the 1st software 360° of management of the reservations dedicated exclusively to the professionals of Leisures.
EASYPARK LyonCarpark airport of Lyon
EATRIPculinary guide of travel on mobile
Southern escapeTravel agency - your specialist on Africa and the Indian Ocean
e-colos.comGuide and comparator of stays for children
Wandering editionsEdition, guides of travel
EDITIONS SYNAPSEPublisher, searches on the books and ebooks in AR/VR
EgomePortable application allowing to the customers luxury hotels to be been used and accommodated for the perfection.
EH&R - hotel-and-hat-job.frsite employment specialized in the trades of hotel trade, the restoration, tourism
ELDORADO TRAVELSpecialist stay overmeasure in Brazil
ElectricNewsBlog specialized on the digital edition
EloDivision of electric bicycles
E-LOSTBAGintelligent labels for luggage
Emailing Business with the professionals
EMOOVIOTravel agency online specialized in the experiments mysteries
EphitecEdition of digital solutions
EPICURSPortable applications for hotel trade, the restoration and the wine
EskeliasAssistance with the displacement of the people with reduced mobility
EVANELAluxury - crafts
EvenbyTop-of-the-range event-driven caretaker's lodge and tourism of business
Events 3.0tourism of business éco-person in charge
Eventisimoagències receptive
EventtiaTechnologies of organization and event-driven digitalization
EverPhotoShootThe photographer of your best memories
Portugal excursionsPortugal excursions
Private experimentPlatform of comparison between professional guides and travellers
Experience.communityExperiment is a community of crowdtesting dedicated to the tests of products and services innovating with an aim D ’ of accompanying the companies in L ’ optimization by their product and their communication.
ExperiencioAirbnb of the human
FacilitaTripFacilitaTrip is a planner of travel online which enables you to build your travel, to simulate your budget er to hold
Familin' ParisWeb site to visit Paris in family
Family Twistcustomized trips for the families in cultural
Federation Greeters FranceMeeting with a room. Participative tourism.
FeedTravelPlatform D ’ aggregation of the tourist news!
Filmed ProductionProduction, edition and sale of videos.
FlymateWeekends everywhere in France in the light planes for a hundred euros
FNGICNational federation of the Guides Interpreters and Lecturers
Food de CultureAn invitation with the table of the History of France
FoodvinPlatform of reservation of the activities and accommodation of the wine
ForeynIt is a portable application which connects the travellers, while enabling them to meet the travellers who leave to the same place, the same time and for the same reasons as them
fast FranceSince 1989, Atlantic Air Assistance, airline company, are your partner for all your displacements.
FRICITIApplication ELPER D ’ assistance to the tourists to differently discover the cities… combining L ’ collaborative economy, the desintermediation, the geolocation, mobility and the mobile payment
Company pipe cleanerWe publish portable applications to develop the heritage and to create courses of discovered immersifs (in interior & urban outside, nature or) for the visitors.
GALINEOCustom-tailored tour operator for groups, on sets of themes dedicated to the History.
Range in TownVideo games mobile
GamescapeGamescape proposes live escape range inspired by the legends of Parishttp://www.gamescape.Fr
Gay TravellerGay tourist guide
Kfé generationDiscover the workshops of Kfé Generation! Accessible to the very young and largest, find the activity which corresponds to you among our broad panel of workshops. Yoga, data processing, baby PE, art, sport, you register with the one of our workshops intergenerational in the 8th district of Paris.
GENERATOR PARISTourist residence urban
GetYourGuideReservation online of tourist activities
GLADTROTTERCommunity platform tourists and inhabitants around activities of authentic discoveries
Glob StudioMarketing and Communication for the Pros of Tourism
Secret Earthselection of accommodation and single experiments throughout the
GlobelisterWeb application and mobile to facilitate the preparation of its luggage
GlobshopGlobshop is a site of E-commerce making it possible to buy any product in the world, and to be made it deliver anywhere in the world by a traveller.
Good Morning PlanetPlanning of travel
GOOD SPOTGood Spot is a platform D ’ tourist activities suggested by the buildings for the travellers of the whole world
GoodTripGuide of travel overmeasure
Goselftoursto visit Paris in all autonomy, at the wheel D ’ a mini electric car, truffée D ’ equipment technological very last thing (digital Shelves, camera, Wi-Fi, GPS).
Gourmets ClubGastronomical guide 2.0
Green OneElectric solutions of bicycles in self-service for professional & tourist applications
GuestToGuestFree site of Exchanges of Houses & Apartments in the Whole world
Towing-ropeDirectory of hiring of rooms online free, which makes it possible to connect Net surfers and establishments.
HandiBookingplatform of reservation of accommodation adapted under brands and labels of the States
HardloopPlace on the market of sporting adventures
Helipass.comFlight discovered in the helicopter
HellotripComparator of innovating flight
Hey CaptainWater sport
Hi Duty FreeComparison of large air travellers with purchasers of luxury items in the countries of destination
HIKSTERCollaborative platform for impassioned sports of outside
HIPPOCKETWIFIMobile hiring of modem 4G functioning everywhere in France and Europe.
DRUNK HISTORYMulti-media guided tour
Holidu GMBHComparator of rentals of vacancies
HolilidaysPlatform of comparison between Co-travellers in order to share a great hiring of vacancies (Country cottage, Villa, Stay, Loft).
hollystay.compower station of reservation
HopineoThe Community for the Co-construction of better tourism: to support good practice and experience sharing between the professionals, traveller.
HostelivePlatform of comparison for the youth hostels
Host Antic Pvt.Ltd TravelTour operator Francaphone India
HurikatWaze of the queue
Icasol Traveltravel agency in Peru
ICT.ioNews of the innovation and the startups in Mauritius and in the Indian Ocean
Incredible Rural IndiaIncredible Rural India - Turn operator India specialist in North and the Rajasthan, India Customized trip, We offer visits and fixed prices custom-tailored vacancies India of North, India of the South, India of the south Kerala, and Karnataka
Indie Guidescultural and alternate City-guides
IPERIAGOEdition of a platform of creation of ludic tourist courses
izivisitTO Asiatique in Europe
J&L ParisAgency of cultural visits
I like my heritageWebsite of leading contents on the heritage (material and immaterial) cultural French.
JeLoueMonCampingCar.comHiring of motor homes and vans arranged between individuals.
JFD ProductionsRealization of contents
JODHPUR VACANCIESActivities of the travel agencies
KATCHYThe Council and
KazadenReservation of sports activity outdoor near the best pros
KazadenBook very simply activities and single stays suggested by professionals of the sport outdoor: mountaineering, trail, veil, internship of survival, climbing, VTT …
KEYZANGEL.FRThe logistic solution with the rentals of short time
Kit BrasilReceptive Brazil
Kite and connectClub of leaders impassioned of Kitesurf
The Swallow groups TDR1st agency of seasonal migration (tourism residential-installation with L foreign
The road of the gourmetsReceptive travel agency dedicated to culinary tourism in France
laceinturedavionSale of cienture of plane like the only symbol of
LafranceamamesureReceptive tour operator overmeasure
The Diary Of the WineFollow all the events of the wine and your favorite craftsmen and book tastings, living rooms, oenotouristic visits…
Layover In ParisLayover In Paris offers visits of Paris to the travellers in stopover with the airport of Roissy
The Wire of the GardensWalks guided in the Parisian gardens
Food TripThe best of french kitchen in has food turn
LePhysionomistPromotion of the Bars, Pubs, Clubs and Cabarets Parisian
trott delorenzovisit
COVOYAGEURSTravel agency online and social network dedicated to the single people and single-parent
GEORGES SASCreator of connected event
Particular visitsPrivate guided tours and event-driven top-of-the-range
The French SpiritBox of connected “French” lifestyle
Let' S talkTravel in original version.
LINKS & GOE-tourism - Social service dedicated to the tourists
LisboasightseeingPortugal excursions
Little AfricaTourist guide from Africa in Paris
LittleBigCityCity discovery
LocalersTurns & Activities
LocasuccessManagement of rentals short time
Hiring-French-speaking personHiring of all styles of accommodation between French-speaking people to the four corners of the world
Academy lockDo you wish to play detective? The Academy Lock is made for you! Solve the mysteries of this academy in team, with your close relations or for a teambuilding. This live escape range is located in the middle of Paris, near to Louvre and Châtelet Les Halles.
LocohiniBig Dated analytics for the
Leisures BiddingPortable application and E-commerce site, travel agency which proposes leisures and vacancies with the biddings, from 1 €. To be registered and raise are free, the bidding goes to highest offerer.
Lost in FrenchlationOrganize projections of French cinema subtitles in English in Paris
Lost In ImmersionThe platform dedicated to the stay abroad
LOVELY MEALSite of meal at the inhabitant (innovation - collaborative consumption)
LYGO FairtradeSmall pockets labels equitable luggage
MagicEventPlatform of collaboratif accommodation for business travelers
Make It TravelPlatform to rent its business of travel between individuals
Road mandarin TravelsTourism
Mandarin Road TravelMandarin Road TRAVEL, specialized in the cultural travel, travel D ’ adventures, travel of groups, travel individual, organized package tours and semi …. .au Viêt - Nam, in Cambodia, in Laos, in Thailand and
MarcopoletteOrganization of seminars and unusual business trips
MaxityCommunication and tourist marketing
Meet UsssMeeting between groups from buildings and abroad
MEETING THE FRENCHTurn operator specialist France and leisures
Meetrip.comBook professional guides throughout the world
MemotripsYour travel diaries become mobile, ludic and social
MerchlarInteractive technologies
My Sorties CultureMy Sorties Culture offers to the visitors a panel guided tours accessible to individual, in the museums, monuments, to discover cities.
MGTCDestination Company Management
Millennium DestinationsDevelopment and marketing of destinations and durable tourist products
MillevistaWebsite proposing of the hotels, restaurants and villas with sights D ’ exception.
MisterfoxMisterfox recovers for you the money which the railway companies owe you in the event of delay of train. Free and in a click.
MOBILER2D2the Solution which targets your communications automatically and collects the wealth of the data collected in the company and its networks to boost its development.
Tracker monumentPortable application of cultural valorization of the territory
Moonlightbox gift
MorningCroissantMorningCroissant is a site of hiring of residences furnished for short time
Morocco Incoming ServicesTravel agency
Moving4wardConsultancy in strategy and management of project
My Chic HostelSite of reservation specialized in the youth hostels premium.
My French CoachParis discovered/teaching
My Super MemoryMobile service to obtain and paratager personalized memories
MY WEBSPOTHiring of cases wifi 4G for the foreign tourists
My WeekendersOrganizers of personalized weekends
MyahBoxProducts of reception and good deals for the tourists of the hiring of residences between individuals
MyRoomInPlatform of reservation of hotel rooms
Namasaya, Let us share the world in Pariscultural diary
Nina VoyagesTourism
Nomadoraccommodation (home-sitting)
NSV CampStay very understood or with the map on the station of VAr the white Forest
NUIZZEMobile Community application. To build and book the best offer of hotel rooms
obinho.comCaretaker of travel for a service 100% personalized of accompaniment to the preparation of your travel
One City TurnsVisit of Strasbourg with Segway
OocityThe Council & design for the accessibility of the digital contents and the customer route.
OPTION WAYThe travel agency specialist in the options on the plane tickets. To discover to buy your less expensive tickets!
OPWIGOPrepare, travel, share with the social network of the traveller
ORION CABComparison Customer-drivers
Yes Buffet! OrganicCatering of events
OyatisEnergy performance and eco tourist responsibility for the shelterersin the course of creation
ParclickReservation carparks for cars
Paris out of bottleSale of a single memory of Paris in the world with the format 50ml.
Paris is a SceneGuided tours shows in the streets of Paris
Paris HelplineService of centralization of any L ’ information tourist, practical, daily, or of L ’ Parisian news, delivered with the visitor in real time, in his language D ’ origin, according to its definite need, of its immediate context and its geographical position.
Paris OffbeatBallades to discover Paris out of beaten
Paris Polaroid TurnsExcursions on foot in Paris, Polaroid with the hand
Paris French VersionFrench foreign language for tourists in immersion in Paris proposes stays personalized in Paris and in area very understood (accommodation, activities, tickets pass…)
ParisForArtcourse to be downloaded or guided tours to discover the architecture and the artistic and cultural history of Paris
One day old Parisianurban tourism association
Paris-is-beautifulProduction of contents (Web, city guide, mag) to visit, live Paris, make shopping creators.
Carpark-Aéroport.netGuide of the carparks of the airports of France
Partir.comGuide & comparator of travel
Frontier runner of BRETAGNEsReceptive tourism
PEEBLEpocket wifi & connected object
PeeksprintThanks to the Peeksprint terminals, print your own postcards directly on your holiday places starting from your photographs of Smartphone
Picto TravelSearch engine and planner of travel for people with reduced mobility.
PIXEL-PERFECTWeb/E-mail-marketing. The Council, solutions and services for the pros
PLANET INTUSConceives, develops and deploys portable applications drawing left the opportunities given by technologies from geolocation indoor (localization and guidance with L ’ interior of buildings)
Dish HouseService of caterer between individuals
playeur.coCollaborative platform dedicated to the sport
Pop My WorldHiring of luxurious places for all kinds D ’ events
Chick TravellerTourism of discovered in family: selective search engine, webzine and mascot passenger
PRECIOUS TIME SERVICESPrecious Time Services is a service VIP in top-of-the-range trucks for your airports transfers and stations: Roissy CDG, Orly, Gare de Lyon, Gare du Nord, Parks Holy Lazare. Your displacements Shopping, business, tourism D ’ business on Paris and in Ile de France Put at disposal at the day to optimize your displacements, reservations.
Pretty StreetsYour custom-tailored urban walk, not to miss the pretty corners more!
PrivateaserPrivatize in a click a bar or a restaurant for your event of group.
Next StopoverCompare the best travel agencies for your next stopover 100% custom-tailored!
ProchainVolThe comparator of flights geolocated MadeInFrance
Pulsate Solution S.AQuality is measured from now on with a click thanks to a native application “Insight MOMENT” which allows D ’ to evaluate in time-reality the satisfaction of the customers via tactile shelves laid out on points of attended contact-customers.
PXComMulti-media guide Tourist & Interactives in the momentary systems of entertainment (planes, trains, coaches…) makes it possible to find a caretaker's lodge of custom-tailored confidence in your city for your rentals short time.
RANDOJEUedition digital rally-discoveries
RedledVideo assembly for the travellers
Regiondo ProSoftware of reservation online dedicated to the companies of leisures and tourist activities
RESAEEdition of software of reservation for the independent tourist establishments
RestoVisioSolution Web & video to develop customers and CA of the restaurants & hotels
Ride' Does not spallGuided tour of Paris in the scooter
ROADSTRCar rental of collects between individuals
RunityWeb site of reference for any person wishing to take part in a race, anywhere in the world.
RUSCONTACT Meeting & ConsultingPromotion of the tourist offers targeted for the countries Russian speakers, Translation, Localization, Communication, Formation, Accompaniment
SAB SYSTEMTelevision services connected at low-costs for the hotels
SamBoatHiring of boats between individuals
SameSameApplication to help the travellers to render comprehensible itself by showing images
SAS KENWEEGOSearch engine mutli-destinations
SCOOTARDVisit of Paris in the Motorcycle-Taxi
SEAL ADVENTURESCreator of travel ventures exception
Second GuideEditor of the tourist and cultural portable application Second Guide
Secrecies of Paris (Fleur de Lire EURL)Author of the guides of travel, journalist, guide and consultant
SENIOR VACANCIESGuide Web of tourism of the seniors
Serious & ElegantOur let us train with the contact customer staffs of contact in hotel trade
SharegroopSolution of payment of group directly integrated into the sites E-tourism and E-commerce.
SightTripGuide of travel of the heritage and local know-how
SimoptionsSale of prepaid SIM of travel
SIMPKIaccommodation and transport
SkapingNew generation of livecams
Slice of FranceReceptive agency on a tour of local producers
Slow fox trot CultureSlow fox trot Culture proposes to you to consider in-depth art history, and in comfort, thanks to the projections with accompanying notes organized in your buildings.
SMARTAPPSGuide of visit on mobiles
SMARTENEAPortal of the tourist offer of the Basque Country on these 7 provinces (France + Spain)
SmarterParisGuide of Paris
smOOOveBOXInnovation - Video
So Provence, So Alps!So Provence, So Alps! promotes the responsible, durable, local #tourism with modernity!
Social Booking NetworkCommunity reservation
SoGuideComparison en between travellers and guide/local drivers in the developing
Soul.CityApplication of discovered cities through your feelings
SpacesONHiring of spaces per hour and the day
SportPlacerYour places for a sports event, your hotel and many surprises in 3 clicks!
Sticknwizzmarketing, publicity
StouringMobile guide of local discoveries
SwiklyINSTALLMENTS AND GUARANTEES IN A CLICK! Make safe all types of reservations, without the constraints of the cheques or the transfers, in all confidence.
TabhotelDigitalize your hotel with the Tabhotel solution, Postings interactive for seminar rooms, prices in reception, restaurant, Postings interactive for terminals caretakers, terminals of coil check-in&out, shelves of house automation in room, Portal wifi to offer all your services on the smartphone or the shelf of your customers, Emailing of reception, coil check-in, of thanks and check-out coil.
TALENTS TRAVELTourist marketing
TALIVERACultural and greedy outputs in group in Paris
The Beauty in Life FranceInteractive Magazine
The BoomiesAgency of leisures for seniors
The Tourist CaretakerCaretaker for the tourists
Theatre in ParisFrench theatre English extra title
TheTravelExpertsPortal D ’ intermediation and D ’ infomediation professional, D ’ opinion and of ranking of suppliers travel
This Is My HotelLoyalty program connected for independent hotel trade
TICATAGTICATAG develops connected objects offering of the services of geolocation: Bluetooth-iBeacon BEACONS, beacons of Utmost precision, using technology radio broad band UWB or network SIGFOX ™.
TicTacTripTicTacTrip is the first comparator of bus trips to suggest stopovers inter-companies and personalized to propose the best possible rates. In the long term we want to propose the first platform of creation of travel 100% personalized and digitalized.
TODDiscover a city using your local guide on request! (Uber of tourism)
Toot Sweetleft last minutes
TOUCHTIMETactile supports shelves
TOURIST-SERVICESReceptive dedicated to the handicap
Travel Fashion ClubTravel agency and of caretaker's lodge for the professionals of the sector of the mode and the luxury
Wifi travelHiring of portable cases Wifi 4G without restrictions of dated in France and
TravelerCarFree carpark and car rental
TribloO.comFirst world platform of the centers of scuba diving
TripAsideTripAside offers visits of the cities close to the airports to the passengers in long stopover between two planes in Paris, London, Frankfurt and Brussels
TripMeeterSmeeting in the city - inhabitant/tourist
TripShooterVacation and Photography Destination
TWINO Sport SASExclusive Fun Crafts for all!
TwiztourUnusual and ecological guided tours
Ultimate Paris GuidesFirst offer of private caretaker's lodge intended for the international travellers in stay in Paris and France.
One Strolls with BicycleTravel agency with bicycle
Urban ExpéCreator of scenarized space experiments
ÜRBIKconnected and autonomous solutions of reception and tourist information
Holiday-BriançonTravel agency
VacancesLabGenerator of ideas of vacancies
ViataoThe Guides Tao are the first original and durable guides of travel.
Viêt - Nam turns bnTravel agency Viêt - Nam - Create your customized trip with a local agency of travel in the Viêt - Nam. Ask a free estimate!
VillaVEOVillaVEO is a site which offers a professional service of reservation of rentals of vacancies by local advisors
VinexploreThe portable application of all the events of the wine, everywhere in France!
VinizosPlatform of the oenotourism. Find easily and online book your visit-tastings in the cellars, castles and vineyards in France.
VinotripSpecialist in oenological tourism in the middle as of more beautiful vineyards of France
VIRTUALDIVETIC applied to underwater tourism
Interactive visionEditor and integrator of solution E-Tourism for Travel agencies and hotel establishment
Visit1MuseumGuide of visit on smartphone
visiteooa Web site and an application to find and book the visits and activities which make live the cultural heritage, naturalness, gastronomical, œ nologic French … while benefitting from good deals.
VisitMoovOrganize and optimize your visits tourist and cultural Prepare your visits with complete freedom or let guide itself
VivanodaResearch train+avion+bus+ferry+covoiturage multi-transport
VizEatthe site of the meal at the inhabitant
VoilawifiWiFi solution of pocket for the people working in the tourist industry
New travelTurn operator, travel on mesur
INTERDEPENDENT TRAVELInterdependent travel contributes to finance charity associations or ONG in France and with L ’ foreign by associating this approach with an offer of ethical and responsible travel.
Provence travelTourism and transport
Voyagesnetcomparator of travel
Walk My Stepsprivate guided tours
Waves in City - Different Surfing! entrepreneur: J.VilleminotInnovating leisures urban
waynoteThe application which transforms a way constrained on the motorway into course of discovery
WayWayRecommandantion de Bar and of Restaurant
WebotripTourist guide of Morocco
WeHostAssistance for the rentals short times.
Welcome KeysAssistance with the seasonal hiring
Wikicampers.frWebsite of hiring of motor homes and vans between individuals.
Wine PassportTravel agency specialized in the weekend œ nologic and the œ notourism
WineChicTravel - Isabelle of Plessixguide online Travel, Wine and Heritage
WishintreeWishInTree aims at giving to the Net surfers the power to carry out their events in their facilitating the access to the hiring by the division of places, equipment and competences.put online in November
With' artWith' art proposes guided tours, in French and in English, museums and stroll in Paris and its suburbs by an inserted guide-lecturer.
WORLD Service TurnsTourism transport
WorldCrazeWorldCraze is a platform D ’ intermediation which connects travellers with people who wish to buy products which N ’ do not exist in their country or which are less expensive
WorldiaPlatform of tailor-made travel
YOOLATourism for
Zen Abroadlinguistic assistance
ZigzaoMini-guides of travel original and based on the inhabitants for local discoveries