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KNOWN located newThe problems one have it all: the era of disposable Kodak is finished, us are not limited more by the number of photographs than one can take, they are thus several hundreds of pictures which we take during our vacancies… which we are quite unable to develop.

The Memotrips application, besides

The Eye of Welcome

eye of the welcomeWhat did the eye see this week?

In three articles, one made some choices for you.

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#Fanzupcontest! And the winners are…

A few weeks ago, we launched the #fanzupcontest, competition of stop motion in 8 seconds, which allowed the startups of tourism and the sport to be displayed on the giant screens of the fanzone.

5 award-winnings were selected!

[Startup Located] #30 Cabinity, accelerator of huts

KNOWN located newHuts on water, in the trees, or on ground, Cabinity finds you the good hut to benefit from spring. And it is not heard that the traditional hut out of wooden, since you will find there the possibility of siester on aircraft, bubbles, horse-drawn caravans, or another tepees in any kind.

The Eye of Welcome

eye of the welcome

Selection of the fortnight, of the three articles which cover issues which could change the world… Or at least really to impact the market of Tourism 🙂