One moves: new Welcome City Lab!

IMG_0477Welcome City Lab settles within the Turns Gamma

Fruit of the partnership between Paris&Co and Gecina: 2,000 m2 renovated and reinvested with the service of the entrepreneurial innovation

In Paris, on July 7th, 2016

Launched in July 2013 by Paris&Co, Welcome City Lab, first incubator dedicated to tourism in the world, celebrates this month its 3 years. With this occasion, and to support its development, Paris&Co Welcome City Lab in its new offices, inaugurated installed this morning within the Turns Gamma (12th ardt): a space of more than 2000 m2. This installation is the fruit of a single partnership with Gecina, leader from the urban office in Paris. Originally vacant, the entirely renovated place will accommodate as of today the whole of the activities of Welcome City Lab (incubation, experimentation, day before and academy). Via this original partnership, Paris&Co and Gecina thus affirm their desire to replace the city and its unexploited assets in the middle same of the innovation.

(Photographs in bottom of the article)


Looking for 40 startups innovations to discover Paris another way? #Euro2016

You' Re almost there 🙂


[Startup Located] #32 Peeksprint, the postcards which resemble to you

KNOWN located newPeeksprint put on a centenary use of which we lost the practice but of which we appreciate the value more and more when we are the recipients: the postcard.

And the principle is simple: did you already stop to look at the postcards, with the desire for sending one of them, for finally not being convinced by the photo assemblies of the visited city, seen under various angles of day and night? Or by the nice kittens which have nothing to do with the visited destination?

#Euro2016 – what' S up innovation?

2011219_w2That is the UEFA Euro 2016 there started in France!

Paris displays the colors of the whole world on the Lathe Eiffel and unrolls all the organization of the reception, after two years of preparation of the event. If you did not already see them, one advises you to go to see the photographs of the Town of Paris, those of the fanzone, the Tower Eiffel and his surroundings, Paris and the supporters! They all are here

For two years, Welcome City Lab and Urban Lab de Paris&Co also have been implied in the organization of the reception in Paris of the Euro.

Book Trends #1 of Welcome City Lab

2016-06-06 11.22.46



The Book-Trends #1 of Welcome City Lab is published!

Collective work of day before on the main tendencies of the innovation in tourism, the book was revealed at the time “Undertaking and Innovating in Tourism” on June 7th in the City of the Mode and the Design, great day organized by the DGE on the sector.